About Us

UKAN was formed in 2004 to coordinate NGO policy and lobbying efforts on more and better aid as part of the Make Poverty History campaign. Following the campaign, UKAN became a more formal network of UK NGOs that conducts joint policy, analysis and advocacy work to make the case for increasing the volume and quality of official development assistance (ODA). UKAN is led by a full-time director and a board.

Highlights of UKAN’s work over the last 5 years include its key role in:

  • Providing essential resources for UK NGOs to lobby the UK government to reach and maintain the international aid target of 0.7% GNI from 2013 and enshrined in legislation in 2015.
  • Leading UK advocacy around the first High-Level Meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation, helping to ensure the UK government took a progressive approach to the aid and development effectiveness agenda.
  • Led UK civil society advocacy on aid and effectiveness in the Financing for Development negotiations in 2015, ensuring that global commitments to aid quantity and quality were protected in the Addis Ababa Agenda for Action.

UKAN is an ActionAid UK (registered charity number – 274467) hosted network.