New report – State of UK Aid 2017 – an analysis of the quality of UK aid

In a new report out today, the UK Aid Network looks at the data and evidence on the state of UK aid today.

Better understanding UK aid – how much of it there is, who or where it aims to help and how effective it is – is a vital part of meeting the challenges of a new and more complex future emerging for aid and development. This report, the UK Aid Network’s first annual report into the state of UK aid, looks at UK aid through the lens of its primary and fundamental purpose – to target and eliminate poverty. Although much has changed, much has remained the same in UK aid.

The overall picture, however, remains positive although there are emerging challenges that will become clearer as some of these changes start to flow through into data and their effects become more apparent UK aid has changed and adapted over the past ten years, in particular with new political leadership in the UK from 2010 onwards setting a new agenda. The UK remains one of the leading donors in a new development landscape where traditional development practices have become just one of many development tools. The UK’s current approach has resulted in significant changes in some areas, for example with a greater emphasis on economic growth and the promotion of women’s and girls’ rights, while in other areas the effects are yet to be seen.

Read the full report here.