Global CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE)

The Global CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE)

The CPDE is the successor organisation of Open Forum and BetterAid. Founded in December 2012 in Nairobi, the open platform unites CSOs from around the world on development effectiveness. It focuses on aid effectiveness since the 2011 High Level Forum in Busan and on the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC).

The CPDE’s main goals are to:

  • fully evaluate and deepen the Paris and Accra commitments;
  • strengthen development effectiveness through practices based on human rights standards;
  • support CSOs as independent development actors in their own right;
  • commit to an enabling environment for CSOs’ work in all countries, &
  • promote an equitable and just development cooperation architecture;

It does so by:

  • monitoring the Global Aid and Development Effectiveness Agenda,
  • ensuring the latter’s alignment with the human rights-based approach and Busan agreements,
  • promoting an enabling work environment for CSOs &
  • by building CSO development and effectiveness through the implementation of the Istanbul Principles and International Framework;

UKAN has been a member of the CPDE since December 2012.

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