EU Aid Watch

AidWatch is an initiative set up by CONCORD, the pan-European Confederation of NGOs working on international development issues.  AidWatch monitors and advocates on the quantity and quality of the Official Development Assistance (ODA) provided by European Union member states and the European Commission. Its work is led by a coordinator based in Brussels with contributions by a network of EU development NGOs from across all EU member states.

AidWatch publishes an annual report on how EU states are performing on aid quantity and quality, aimed to hold member states to account and chart progress towards targets.

Detailed information can found on the AidWatch website.

UKAN’s role in AidWatch

BOND and UKAN together act as the UK platform for AidWatch. UKAN supports AidWatch through the Advocacy Group and manages the production of the UK analysis in the AidWatch Report.

Previous AidWatch Reports:

2012 EU AidWatch Report “The Unique Role of European Aid”

2012 Special Report “Making Sense of EU Development Cooperation Effectiveness”

2012 EU AidWatch Report “ Invest More in Global Development”

2011 EU AidWatch Report “Challenging Self Interest

2010 EU AidWatch Report “Penalty Against Poverty

2009 EU AidWatch Report “Lighten the Load